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"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life.
And see if I could not learn what it had to teach and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived."
Henry David Thoreau, Walden

**The schedule you see below is subject to change.**

THIRD QUARTER: Individualism and Society
Essential Questions: What is American individualism? How did modernization result in isolation and disillusionment in the early 20th Century? Note: During third quarter, your primary focus should be the completion of/preparation for your independent reading novel, research paper, and oral presentation. Therefore, those passages denoted by an asterisk (*) will be completed during class and not homework.

Jan. 22                    Excerpts from Leaves of Grass (Whitman)
Jan. 23                    Transcendentalism; "Nature" (pp. 182-3) and "Self- Reliance" (pp. 185-6) due today
Jan. 24                    Walden (Thoreau) pp. 192-204 due today
Jan. 25                    Phrases; introduction to Naturalism; "To Build a Fire" pp. 481-492 (due today)
Jan. 26                    Vocab Quiz 13; Scenes from "Little Women"
Jan. 29                     Independent Reading Novel must be completed by today! Plot summary due.
Jan. 30                     PPP Quiz #12 on phrases; Media center for research
Jan. 31                     Early Release Day; Media Center for Research     
Feb. 1                      Media Center for Research
Feb. 2                      Vocabulary 14 quiz
Feb. 5                      Outline, thesis statement, potential sources for working bibliography due; introduce American Art mini-project
Feb. 6                      American Art Museum in-class project, meet in Lab 104
Feb. 7                      American Art Museum in-class project, meet in Lab 104
Feb. 8                      American Art Museum in-class project, meet in Lab 104
Feb. 9                      Vocabulary 15 quiz
Feb. 12                    Introduction must be completed with bolded/highlighted thesis; Kate Chopin and Local Color/Regionalism
Feb. 13                    "Desiree's Baby" due today; Introduction to Modernism
Feb. 14                    Introduce T.S. Eliot
Feb. 15                    Biography/Time-period paragraph is due with one point of critical support; “Prufrock” (Eliot) pp. 584-587*
Feb. 16                    More T.S. Eliot*; Vocabulary 16 quiz
Feb. 19                    Selected poems from Robert Frost*
Feb. 20                    Second point of critical support is due, Selected poems by e.e. cummings, William Carlos Williams*
Feb. 21                    SAT Prep Day
Feb. 22                    Rough Drafts are Due! Peer-editing in class
Feb. 23                    Vocabulary 17 quiz; Faulkner’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech (analysis)*, p. 654
Feb. 26                    FINAL PAPER IS DUE! “The Harlem Renaissance”; Selected poems from Cullen, Hughes*          
Feb. 27                    Juniors take the ACT
Feb. 28                   Review clauses; "I Am a Master" review handout for next week's test  
March 1                   PPP quiz #13 on clauses; Jeopardy! Review for Monday’s test
March 2                   Vocabulary 18 quiz (activity- Mrs. H-D is at SIPA)
March 5                   Literature and Grammar test; Oral Presentations begin tomorrow!
March 6                   Oral Presentations (rubric)                  
March 7                   Oral Presentations
March 8                   Oral Presentations
March 9                   Finish oral presentations; Vocabulary Quiz 19
March 12                 Introduce Literature Circles!
March 13                 Literature Circles Day 1
March 14                 Literature Circles Day 2
March 15                 Literature Circles Day 3
March 16                 Vocabulary Quiz 20
March 19                 Literature Circles Day 4: Novellas are completed!
March 20                 Work on movie trailer project
March 21                 Work on movie trailer project
March 22                 Work on movie trailer project
March 23                 Vocabulary Quiz 21
March 26                 Movie Trailers due at the beginning of the school day!
March 27                 AP Exam Prep: Rhetorical Analysis
March 28                 AP Exam Prep: Synthesis
March 29                 AP Exam Prep: Argument
March 30                 Good Friday: No School


Essential Question: In what ways does society impact the individual’s identity with regards to gender and race?
Note:   In the event of bad weather, continue with your reading and/or assignments.  If bad weather cancels school on a due date, keep reading with the predetermined schedule and I will find a way to catch us up. Assignments denoted by an asterisk (*) will be read in class.

Oct. 30          Teacher Workday: End of first quarter           
Oct. 31          Dress Rehearsal for the Living Test
Nov. 1           LIVING TEST for The Catcher in the Rye
Nov. 2           Beloved articles due; Introduction to Beloved
Nov. 3           Chapters 1-2 of Beloved due; Vocabulary Quiz #8
Nov. 6           Chapters 3-6 of Beloved due
Nov. 7           Chapters 7-8 of Beloved due
Nov. 8           Found Poetry in Beloved- Early Release Day
Nov. 9           PPP Quiz #6: Subject/Verb and Pro./Ant. agreement
Nov. 10         Veterans’ Day- No School                             
Nov. 13         Chapters 9-10 of Beloved due
Nov. 14         Character analysis handout due
Nov. 15         Chapters 11-14 of Beloved due
Nov. 16         Chapters 15-18 of Beloved due
Nov. 17         Vocabulary 9 quiz
Nov. 20         Chapter 19 of Beloved due
Nov. 21         PPP Quiz #7: PMS; Independent Reading Project
Nov. 22         Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov. 23         Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov. 24         Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov. 27         Chapters 20-23 of Beloved due
Nov. 28         Chapters 24-25 of Beloved due, EBOLA assigned; CLICK HERE FOR A SAMPLE
Nov. 29         Chapters 26-28 of Beloved due
Nov. 30         PPP Quiz #8: Semicolons and Colons
Dec. 1           Vocabulary 10 quiz
Dec. 4          Final discussion of Beloved
Dec. 5          Review for test on Beloved
Dec. 6          Test on Beloved
Dec. 7          PPP Quiz #9: The Alluring Apostrophe  
Dec. 8          Vocabulary Quiz 11 
Dec. 11        EBOLA Rough Drafts Due- Peer Editing in Class
Dec. 12        EBOLA Final Drafts Due
Dec. 13        PPP Quiz #10: The Comely Comma  
Dec. 14        Ultimate Bluff Championship! Beloved Extra Credit Due
Dec. 15        Vocabulary Exam Covering Lists 1-12
Dec. 18         
Dec. 19         
Dec. 20         
Dec. 21         WINTER BREAK
Dec. 22         WINTER BREAK
Jan. 1           Holiday
Jan. 2           Teacher Workday
Jan. 3           “Letter from Pat Conroy” rhetorical analysis  in-class
Jan. 4           SNOW DAY
Jan. 5           ICE #2 in Class

Jan. 8           Peer edit in-class (type essay for tomorrow); introduce the "Isms" of literature; assign textbooks (finally)
Jan. 9           Essays due; Romanticism; read "The Tell-Tale Heart" (Poe) (Handout)
Jan. 10         Faux Poe assignment
Jan. 11         “The Minister’s Black Veil” (Hawthorne), pp. 239-248 (due today)
Jan. 12         PPP Quiz #11: Brackets, Hyphens, and Dashes; finish Faux Poe
Jan. 15         Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday- No School
Jan. 16         Selected poems by Emily Dickinson
Jan. 17         CANCELED DUE TO SNOW Excerpts from Leaves of Grass (Whitman)
Jan. 18         CANCELED DUE TO SNOW Transcendentalism; "Nature" (pp. 182-3) and "Self- Reliance" (pp. 185-6) due today
Jan. 19         CANCELED DUE TO SNOW Walden (Thoreau) pp. 192-204 due today


FIRST QUARTER: The Power of Language

Essential Questions: 
How can artistic expression advance social commentary? In what ways does language impact us?
Note:  Be prepared for a quiz on the date listed next to each selection.  In other words, read the selection the night before the date with which it is listed. 

Aug. 28          Welcome! Introduction and expectations; Purple Punctuation Packet; Vocabulary Regimen; Terms to Know; and collect the Summer Reading Assignment
Aug. 29          Summer Reading Review: The Scarlet Letter
Aug. 30          Summer Reading Review: The Scarlet Letter
Aug. 31          Summer Reading Review: On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft
Sept. 1            Summer Reading Review: On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft
Sept. 4            Labor Day Holiday- No School
Sept. 5            Summer Reading Test
Sept. 6            “The Road Not Taken” (Frost); Practice AP English Language multiple choice questions
Sept. 7            “The Singer Solution to World Poverty" (handout); Ron Finley Ted Talk 
Sept. 8            “Bread” by Margaret Atwood and analysis (handout); synthesis activity
Sept. 11          Introduction to The Crucible and Salem Witch Trials (PowerPoint)
Sept. 12          Act I of The Crucible due
Sept. 13          Discussion of Act I, cont.
Sept. 14          PPP Quiz #1: sentence types and parts of a sentence; Act II of The Crucible due 
Sept. 15          Vocabulary Quiz 1
Sept. 18          Irony in Act II; grammar review
Sept. 19          Act III of The Crucible due
Sept. 20          Early Release Day; PPP Quiz #2: nouns and pronouns
Sept. 21          Act IV of The Crucible due
Sept. 22          Vocabulary Quiz 2
Sept. 25       Logical Fallacies in The Crucible
Sept. 26          PPP Quiz #3: verbs; Jeopardy! Review of The Crucible
Sept. 27          The Crucible Test
Sept. 28          Watch scenes from The Crucible
Sept. 29          Watch scenes from The Crucible; Vocabulary Quiz 3
Oct. 2             Introduction to The Catcher in the Rye (Salinger)
Oct. 3             The Catcher in the Rye, Chapters 1-5 due; Character Chart
Oct. 4             PPP Quiz #4: adjectives and conjunctions
Oct. 5             The Catcher in the Rye, Chapters 6-10 due
Oct. 6             Vocabulary Quiz 4
Oct. 9              The Catcher in the Rye, Chapters 11-14 due
Oct. 10            Role of Adults discussion
Oct. 11            PSAT for 10th and 11th graders 
Oct. 12            The Catcher in the Rye, Chapters 15-18 due
Oct. 13            Vocabulary Quiz 5; Holden’s Body Outline activity
Oct. 16            The Catcher in the Rye, Chapters 19-23 due
Oct. 17            The Catcher in the Rye, Chapters 24-26 due
Oct. 18            Essay prep and Living Test initial preparation
Oct. 19            PPP Quiz #5: prepositions and adverbs
Oct. 20            Vocabulary Quiz 6
Oct. 23           ICE #1: Rhetorical Analysis on The Catcher in the Rye
Oct. 24           Living Test prep             
Oct. 25           Living Test prep
Oct. 26           Living Test prep
Oct. 27           Vocabulary Quiz 7; Dress up as  a vocabulary word!


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