Miss Havisham's Wedding Cake Contest!
Friday, May 12, 2017

For extra credit, students were given the challenge of creating a crumbling, rotting, bug-infested cake, evident of years from sitting untouched on Miss Havisham’s bridal table. For their efforts, I gave them a "free" 100% quiz grade, and the winner from each class received 5 points extra credit on the Great Expectations test.

Click on the names below to see each individual student's cake!

Fourth Period

Amber Small
Carly Maness
Chad Harrell
Dean Reiber
Elliot Couture & Jackson Reeves
Gabby Watson
Hailey Bullard
Jaiden Lawrence
Jenna Brown
Jenna Ginther
Josh Humphrey*
Leyton Howard
Lily Hughes
Luke Barrow
Margaret Lucas
Melanie Ashburn
Savannah McCracken*
Trevor Phelps
William Kieffer

*Denotes Winner!

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